Understanding the Relationship between Pain and Numbness

Relation between Pain and Numbness

Introduction The relationship between pain and numbness is a complex interplay of physiological and neurological factors that significantly impact an individual’s well-being.┬áThe World Health Organization estimates that millions of people worldwide experience chronic pain, a condition that is frequently accompanied by sensations of numbness. These distressing symptoms can stem from a myriad of sources, ranging…

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Piriformis Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Management

piriformis muscle

The piriformis muscle is a small, pear-shaped muscle located deep within the buttocks, specifically in the pelvic region. It plays a crucial role in the function of the hip joint and overall lower limb movement. Here’s a closer look at the piriformis muscle and its function: Function: In some individuals, the sciatic nerve may pass…

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Genicular Nerve Block – All you need to know

Genicular Nerve Block

What is a genicular nerve block? A Genicular nerve block is used for chronic pain relief. It is an injection of a numbing agent, such as local anesthetic or steroid, into or near a nerve that provides sensation to one area of the body. It works by blocking sensations from traveling from that area of…

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Pinched Nerve : All you need to Know

a women suffer nerve pain

A pinched nerve, also known as a compressed nerve or nerve entrapment. It is a condition that occurs when there is pressure or irritation on a nerve. This pressure can come from a variety of sources, including bone, muscle, or other tissue. When a nerve is pinched, it can lead to pain, numbness, tingling, and…

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Radiating Nerve Pain: Causes, Treatment, and FAQs

What is radiating nerve pain? A radiating nerve pain, more commonly known as radiculopathy, occurs when pressure is applied to the spinal nerve root. It extends into your limbs and down to your arms and legs, causing a feeling of pain or numbness. A common cause of this is a herniated disc; this occurs when…

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Managing Nerve Pain: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments


Pain management can be incredibly difficult, especially when you have nerve pain that comes and goes with no cause or pattern. Although not all pain can be managed well, there are still steps you can take to reduce your discomfort and live your life as comfortably as possible. With the right combination of treatments, such…

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