Cervical Medial Branch Block

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What is It?

An injection given to diagnose and treat neck, upper-back, shoulder and facial pain, and headaches is a cervical medial-branch block. The treatment is planned both to reduce symptoms and to diagnose the cause of them. It is possible to decide if the cause of the pain is a specific facet joint (which connects two vertebrae) by deadening pain signals in the medial-branch nerves (which transmit pain signals from the facet joints to the brain).

What Can It Treat?

Just like you can be discomforted by a joint in your finger, knee, or hip, so can the facet joints in your neck and back. They may become arthritic or hurt, causing discomfort. Pain is often felt in the neck from the cervical facet joints, but can also be felt in the head, upper back, and/or shoulders. In the mid-back, pain is mainly felt from the thoracic facet joints.

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