Lumbar Radio Frequency Ablation

Our goal is relieving pain, restoring function, and renewing hope!

What is It?

Radiofrequency ablation, also referred to as rhizotomy, is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical technique that uses heat to reduce or avoid pain transmission. The radio frequency waves ablate the nerve that triggers the pain, or "burn," effectively preventing the transmission to the brain of pain signals.

What Can It Treat?

Most specifically, this technique is used to treat chronic pain and disorders such as spine arthritis (spondylosis) and sacroiliitis. It is also used for treating pain in the spine, back, knee, pelvic and peripheral nerves. The advantages of radiofrequency ablation include: preventing surgery, rapid relief of pain, little or no recovery time, reduced need for pain medicine, enhanced function, and a faster return to work and other activities.

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