Celiac Plexus Block

Our goal is relieving pain, restoring function, and renewing hope!

What is It?

If you have chronic abdominal pain that is not responsive to other medications, this treatment could be right for you. A celiac plexus block operates by injecting pain medicine directly into the abdomen's (celiac plexus) bundle of nerves responsible for carrying pain signals.

What Can It Treat?

Pressure or damage to the nerves of the celiac plexus sometimes results in abdominal discomfort and is caused by cancers or diseases of the:

 - Gallbladder

 - Intestines

 - Liver

 - Pancreas

Pancreatic cancer patients, in particular, will feel extreme pain that can only be relieved by blocking the celiac plexus. It prevents the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the brain while interventional radiologists conduct celiac plexus blocks.

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